Nothing is as great as imagination of a child. The easiness of entering the unknown in their curious little heads creates images and surroundings that neither grownups nor nature can attain. And when we join in their quest for experiences wholeheartedly, we can once again realize that everything around us is filled with magic and ready to serve another adventure.

Before they get a chance to visit a cave, children imagine them under various influences. Their imagination is guided by fairy tales, songs, comics, films and cartoons. Caves connect them with animals, mystical creatures and their vision of prehistoric times. For children caves are places that give shelter to bears, foxes, all kinds of bugs, first people, and even dinosaurs. It is where dragons sleep selfishly guarding mountains of stolen treasures and where magic lamp waits for its Aladdin, while cave formations, especially stalactites and stalagmites, protect them from intruders.

That’s where common people become super heroes and where children feel like heroes as well.

During art competition titled “A fairy tale cave” that Lipa cave organized at the beginning of last tourist season the children’s works were dominated by bears and bats. For major number of our little competitors caves are places where bears sleep or lurk from total darkness with their shiny eyes, while bats unpredictably rush through cave galleries and whiz through tight passages. Our youngest visitors always ask about these animals a lot until their attention is drawn to mystical cave formations in which they always recognize fruits of their imagination. Once they enter cave galleries their whoops clearly let us know that they are at the most exciting location in Cetinje, and having peeked into the dark channels, their glitter eyes say that the expectations from a family trip in Montenegro have been met.

Children have always been our favorite guests. They transfer their sincere excitement to us. They challenge us to meet their expectations and see the path we walk every day from their perspective. While waiting for children’s livelihood to shine the light on us again, we remind of their works from the last year’s competition.