IMPORTANT: due to problems with our location on Google maps – before arrival search for „Lipa cave parking“ this road should take you past National restaurant Belveder (which is located some 3km before our parking) and you will reach our location and our ticket office without problems.

If you search for „Lipa cave“ it may take you down the alternative road, which is not in good condition.

For more detail call us on +38267003040

Lipa cave is located in Lipa village 5 km from Cetinje the Royal Capital of Montenegro.
It is only 33 km away from Budva and 35 km away from Podgorica.

To reach our parking plateau, it is necessary to switch from Cetinje to Podgorica on the highway and turn right onto the local road that leads past the well-known national restaurant Belvedere, to the village of Lipa Dobrska, in a distance of 3 km.

Our GPS coordinates

Latitude: 42° 22ˈ 0.41057ˈˈ
Longitude: 18° 57ˈ 11.10848ˈˈ