Cave experience isn’t the only reason to visit Lipa Cave. Our facilities include Lipa café bar, which has been completely renovated this year. It’s a place where you can completely relax before or after the tour. Lipa café bar is characterized by the beautiful ambiance, interwoven with Mediterranean charm and comfort, an ideal place to relax and drink your favorite cup of coffee.

The favorite morning ritual of people around the world comes with a number of interesting rules. Turkish coffee, espresso, with milk or added alcohol, instant coffee, today, there’s plenty of choices. This effective wake-up drink is drunk all over the world.

Citizens of Italy drink great coffee. One should know that a cup of your favorite beverage should be drunk quickly – preferably in two to three sips. Here, espresso is drunk quickly, often, and effectively.

Scandinavians are among the largest coffee consumers in the world. In these countries, coffee is drunk every two to three hours, and sweet pastries, various cakes, and pies are often eaten with it. You might be surprised to learn that Norwegians put eggs in their coffee. Yes, you read that right.

Our Bosnian neighbors are known for their hospitality and drinking lots of coffee. In Bosnia, coffee is roasted – a few teaspoons of ground coffee are heated in a coffee pot and hot water is poured over it, then boiled once again, removed from the heat, and left to rest. Keep in mind that the host will offer you coffee three times – the third implying that the visit should come to an end.

If Bedouins offer you coffee in the Middle East you should know that black liquid will be poured until you say you have had enough. Actually, you won’t say that but gesture it: when you’ve had enough, gently shake the cup two to three times and return it to your hosts.

Citizens of Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producer, are big coffee drinkers. They enjoy drinking several cups of their favorite coffee throughout the day. Coffee without sugar is unheard of in South America’s most populous country because sugar must be added to every cup. However, you can bring Brazilian hosts into a state of culture shock just by ordering iced coffee.

In Montenegro, 90% of households brew a traditional type of coffee. Most Montenegrins choose medium or dark roasted coffee with the obligatory foam.

Coffee is a favorite beverage all over the world. With its invigorating aroma, it provides special pleasure, invigorates the spirit, and encourages a good mood.

Finally, you could say that the first coffee dictates the rest of the day. A visit to Lipa Cave and the beautiful ambiance of Lipa café bar with excellent coffee, refreshing drinks, and panoramic views will ensure a wonderful and unforgettable experience.