• 30%-50% discounts for early birds at 10:00!

Every year we offer discounts on tickets in pre-season and post-season so as to give our visitors the opportunity to visit the cave at a more affordable rate. This year will be no exception. For the opening of the season, our company has approved the following discounts on Lipa cave tours.

Discounts for early birds – in the first three weeks since the opening date for the 10 o’clock tour:

  • The first week June 1-7 50% discount.
  • The second week June 8-14 40% discount
  • The third week June 15-21 30% discount

The discounts are only valid for the 10 o’clock tour and reservations are not needed. All you need to do is show up on Lipa cave parking lot 15 minutes before the start of the tour and buy the tickets.

  • Our work has been organized in accordance with the National Coordination Team – the opening date was delayed.

Complying with the recommendations and measures, issued by the NCT and the Ministry of Health, for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, Lipa cave was unable to continue its tradition and open on April 1. The cave was closed up until the moment the measures were beginning to loosen. Despite the fact that we were unable to do our basic business, i.e. cave tours, we shifted our activities towards preparations for the upcoming season. Our work activities will be organized in accordance with the NCT recommendations.

Six million years of history

Lipa cave has been telling its story for six million years through constant murmor and dripping of water, the formation and growth of countless and diverse cave ornaments, as well as the subtle movements of barely visible organisms which found their home right here. It’s been discovered nearly 200 years ago under unusual circumstances, and since then served as a source of water for the locals. Soon after its discovery, Peter II Petrovic Njegos recognizes its significance. Fascinated by the underground beauty, he initiates the first exploration of Lipa cave which is why one of the most beautiful halls carries his name.

After only five years since the opening, Lipa cave is recognized and recommended by many international tourist sites. Trip Advisor has awarded Lipa cave with the Certificate of Excellence three years in a row, and listed it among 5 must-see places in Montenegro.

Today, following in our ancestors’ footsteps, we too visit the most beautiful and the most hidden nooks of Montenegrin underground world. Once again, Lipa cave eagerly awaits its visitors as they inevitably become a part of our fairy-tale.
Lipa cave is located in Lipa village, 5 km from Cetinje, the old Royal Capital of Montenegro. Its proximity to downtown Cetinje, attractive beaches in Budva, as well as Podgorica, makes it easily accessible and ideally suited for those looking to catch a break from the hustle and bustle.