In the period behind us, we’ve collaborated closely with our partners, tourist agencies, Montenegrin and regional companies on organizing numerous events. Our clients mostly opt for wine tasting organized within Lipa cave, or a wine tasting accompanied by classical music concerts within one of the cave’s galleries.

These wine tastings are adventures which start with a train ride from our plateau to Lipa cave entrance. Homemade Montenegrin doughnuts with honey welcome us in front of the cave before the tour along the designated paths. At the wine tasting area in the cave, we enjoy sipping fine wines fermented and matured in the history of these lands. The wine served in Lipa cave is chilled at the right temperature and served in the only cave bar in the region.

Wine tasting in Lipa cave includes a Cave experience tour, Montenegrin doughnuts served in front of the entrance, and three types of wine served at the tasting point within the cave.

The beverage selection can be yours, or you can leave it to our experienced sommelier, who will inform our guests of the winery, the harvest year, and the variety. So far, our visitors have mostly opted for the Plantaze wines.

Events in Lipa cave are an ideal opportunity for an unforgettable experience.

Aside from the sensation of awe and a good atmosphere, spacious galleries reverberate with the sound of classical music amplified by the acoustics found only in the depths of our planet.

Wine tasting with the mini concert includes Cave experience tour, Montenegrin doughnuts served at the entrance of the cave, and tasting of three types of wine in Njegos hall. During the wine tasting, visitors enjoy a mini concert of classical music.

If you’re planning a reception, wine tasting/concert, or a team building trip, we invite you to organize it at our site.

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