Up until a few decades ago, Montenegro was a small treasure chest full of tourist attractions just lying hidden on Europe’s map. Today, this small treasure chest bursting with natural beauties attracts more and more tourists. Wanting to make the treasure quest easier for those who come to Montenegro, and reveal what to visit while here, Lipa cave started a project of making and distributing free touristic maps.

If the beginning of mankind’s curiosity was reflected in “What’s out there?”, today it’s reflected in ”What to visit?”.

The exploration starts from Cetinje, Montenegro’s most interesting excursion location. Its museums and monuments radiate historic and cultural heritage, while the tarnished roof of Cetinje monastery gives this gem a unique charm. Nature was generous to Cetinje. Its wealth can easily be found in the mystic beauty of Lipa cave’s underground world where cave ornaments will leave you breathless, in subtle wilderness of Crnojevica River, and in crisp Lovcen mountain air atop of which Njegos’s mausoleum still closely guards unspoken thoughts of this great ruler and poet. Driving via the serpentines to Boka Bay is an eye-opening experience. This route starts from Lovcen and then goes through Njegusi where tasting traditional national dishes is a must. Finally, the route ends in Old Town Kotor, situated in the heart of Boka Bay. This jewel is only 12km from Cetinje as the crow flies.

This diamond was cut and polished for centuries by the Venetians and sailors so Montenegrin culture and history here is seen through a different prism. Kotor has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

On the other side of Boka Bay lies Porto Montenegro, a contemporary contrast not only to Kotor, but to Herceg Novi as well which guards the other side of the Bay with its monumental towers.

Old Town Budva is especially significant medallion, one side with a prominent ancient culture, and the other with contemporary glamour. This Adriatic pearl has been attracting world’s elite since the early 20th century, while Sveti Stefan guards the soul of an old fisherman settlement.

Old Town Bar, unlike other coastal fortifications, is situated on a plateau 4km away from the sea and still boasts remnants of the old aqueduct which serves as a reminder of how developed this area used to be.

Not far from Bar is the fortification of Old Town Ulcinj. The history of Ulcinj has been told since the Illyrian times, all the way through Balsic dynasty, and tells the stories of pirates who brought Miguel de Servantes here. Numerous legends about the significance his time in Ulcinj had on the writing of Don Quixote. A 13km long Great Beach is another thing Ulcinj is famous for. The Great Beach along with Ada Bojana is a great vacation spot. Bojana River, which formed Ada Bojana, flows out of Skadar lake – one of Montenegro’s five national parks.

Skadar Lake is the largest in the Balkans and is a natural reserve of many endemic speices. Its wealth also lies in numerous historic and cultural monuments of the Old Montenegro which can be seen on its shores and islands. Montenegro’s spiritual treasure, is Ostrog Monastery carved into the rock, a shrine where people of all faiths and confessions find solace.

The quest for emeralds leads us to national park Durmitor which pristine nature and countless lakes, rightfully called the mountain eyes, will make you fall in love with them. A part of Tara River, the tear of Europe, flows under Durmitor. Its flow has carved second deepest canyon in the world. Djurdjevica Tara Bridge spans the two sides of the canyon, and its history gives a new dimension to the surrounding nature.

One of Tara’s tributary river is Jezerstica, which flows out of Biogradsko lake, the emerald of national park Biogradska Gora – one of the last three virgin forests in Europe.

If your search has resulted in you discovering Montenegro’s natural, historic and cultural beauty, share your experience with us. Tell us about which Montenegrin attractions you found to be the most valuable, because your experience adds value to our wealth.