Summer is the favorite time of the year for parents and children. Everyone looks forward to spending some family time in nature. One-day trips to the beach, mountains, countryside, rivers or lakes are perfect for introducing children to natural beauties and diversity, and enables them to share their experiences with their parents. Natural excursion sites are easy to come by in Montenegro, but from time to time, children need something out of the ordinary that will leave a lasting impression and spark their imagination.

Thanks to countless legends, poems, fairytales, comic book heroes, prehistoric and dinosaur stories, as well as the fact that they lie hidden in nature, caves have always tickled the imagination of both children and grown-ups. Lipa cave is a place hidden in nature which leaves a 24 hour impression after a 1 hour tour. A perfect place to cool off in hot summer months, and a great reason for you and the kids to get out of the house on a rainy day, Lipa cave represents an ideal family outing.

From the moment you arrive at the ticket office on our parking lot, you’ll be welcomed by guides whose favorite visitors are precisely children. Those who arrive earlier can unwind in our cafe which overlooks Lipa Dobrska village and has spectacular views stretching as far out to Skadar lake and Prokletije mountains. Our youngest visitors especially enjoy the train ride to the cave and back.

From the beginning until the end of the tour, children and their parents will hear countless interesting facts. You’ll find out how Lipa cave was discovered, what it was used for, and how caves and cave ornaments are formed. The tale of the dog which discovered the cave will stay on everyone’s mind for a long time, and for a good reason, too. Everyone loves a happy ending story with a treasure discovery.

You’ll see a place where bears hibernated, learn about animals which spent their entire lives in complete darkness, and expand your knowledge on how water shapes nature. The abundance of cave ornaments is bound to amaze you and your young ones, and the names given to certain cave ornaments by Lipa cave’s first visitors will stick around in your memory and serve as an inspiration. Names such as Gemini, the Crocodile, Teeth, Tongue, Gusle, the Icon, and Heart linger in the minds of young explorers long after the visit has ended.

Lipa cave is open every day, and there are five scheduled tours a day starting at: 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30 and 16:00 hours. The ticket office is located on our parking lot from which all tours start. After receiving all the necessary information, our visitors board the train and the one hour tour starts. No special equipment is needed for the visit, however, a light jacket and walking shoes/sneakers are recommended, as the temperature inside the cave is always around 10oC. Our visitors walk along a designated path accompanied by a guide, and the spaciousness of the galleries and hallways make the stay in the cave relaxing. Seeing as Lipa cave is located only 5km from Cetinje, families can also visit the Old Royal Capital, Lovcen, Njegusi, or Crnojevica River.

Seemingly unreal cave world, legends and stories which surround it, an interesting train and pristine nature make families our most frequent visitors. If you haven’t decided where to go next, Lipa cave is open and a great choice for you and your young explorers.

Ticket prices, current discounts, location information, etc. can be found on Lipa cave website: