The saying “all in good health” has been used for centuries. And even though modern society seldom thought about the philosophy behind it, we have found ourselves in a moment when it’s true meaning might be clearer than ever before. The pandemics that has for over a year now violently changed all social practices globally has made us search for ways to empower ourselves and develop resilience to numerous uncertainties that befall us on daily basis.

Experts from natural and integrative medicine speak loudly today about foundations of health. Integrated Health Sciences have listed eight foundations of health and they grouped them in pairs: hydration and diet, sleep and stress, exercise and ergonomics, breathing and connection.

In contemporary consumer society basic human needs for water and food have been recognized as craving for a certain product. That is why, surrounded by enormous amounts of food products, we often reach for something that will fulfil our wants but will not essentially meet our bodies’ needs. Our bodies primarily need water for hydration and whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals in order to get all the healthy and useful energy. Apart from water, experts recommend the use of numerous tea blends for enriching both body and soul.

Sleep and stress are tightly related, and modern man’s life is characterized by the lack of sleep and stress overload. Healthy sleep is mandatory on daily basis and it suggests minimum seven hours of sleep in cool and ventilated entirely dark room. Awakening is a part of the cycle and it is the best to get up with the Sun. Having rested in such manner our bodies are fresh and free from stress accumulated the day before. The uncertainties which we are facing today make any thought of even very near future stressful. Recommendations for eliminating such stress is living the very moment we are in and finding joy in small things the moment offers.

Dependence on technology in every aspect of our lives minimized our movements, and current pandemics restrained us even further and now we can once again realize that movement is among basic human needs. Exercising makes our bodies and our brains stronger, and before all, it helps us restore our natural ergonomics deteriorated from technology overuse. According to Integrated Health Sciences, all four body postures: moving, standing, sitting and lying should be mixed throughout the day, but they emphasize that sitting is the least favourable.

Breathing is the first thing that keeps us alive so it is only natural that the way we breath will affect the way we live. That is why paying attention on breathing and allowing our bodies to get fully oxygenated is of major importance. Developing mindfulness, that is becoming aware of ourselves and our surroundings, is in close relation to breathing. Hectic life always pushes our thoughts forward, thus distancing them from the current moment. By thinking constantly about what is yet to come we live in suspense which leads to long term state of stress. In such state we face shallow over-breathing thus keeping our bodies deprived of oxygen. Hence the recommendation to practice breathing and connection simultaneously by consciously and purposefully taking deep and slow breaths and then slowly letting go.

Making all necessary changes on every foundation of health takes time and dedication, and as a small step towards it you can plan a daytrip to Lipa cave. Our cave offers and hour-long light walk through the underground nature of Montenegro which will not let you wander off with your thoughts, but will rather guarantee that you will deeply connect with yourself in such surroundings. After the tour you will be greeted by the air coming from directions of three national parks and you will simple be forced to take a deep breath and fully enjoy it. The colours of Dobrsko village, Skadar lake and Prokletije mountains, whether lit by the Sun or shaded by clouds, is the ideal awakening after the tour, and our café Lipa, located at the parking lot, is a great place to get hydrated and sum up the trip. When you get home share your positive experience with your loved once, and then sleep well knowing that you have set good foundations for the way towards good health.

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