Photo credits: Predrag Vučković

Tourism is an important sector of commerce, both in Montenegro and abroad. Natural beauty and cultural-historical monuments are invaluable Montenegrin treasure which draws the attention of numerous visitors, business people, poets, scientists, etc. These treasures were discovered long ago by tourists who’ve been coming to admire Montenegro’s wondrous and one-off beauty, both in the past and today. Lipa Cave is one of the largest cave monuments in Montenegro. Its 2,5 km long system of passages and halls makes it a place you simply must visit while in Montenegro. The beauty of Lipa cave was recognized and admired by notable historic figures, among which the Montenegrin royalty. Lipa cave was known prior to Njegos’ time, and cave expeditions were organized even back then. Various renowned explorers from the 19th century left written documents regarding the cave’s existence and its abundance in cave ornaments, and explorations continue up to this day.

Famous American presenter and wildlife conservationist, producer, and presenter of world-renowned Animal Planet, Jeff Corwin, visited Montenegro on October 1, 2016. Namely, he specifically chose Montenegro as a destination to present in his new show Ocean Treks which premiered on ABC. American Broadcasting Company is an American multinational commercial TV network that is a flagship property of Walt Disney Television. Corwin, judging by his social media posts, is thrilled by our country’s beauty, views, and nature. Namely, Corwin stayed at the Regent hotel and went filming in Kotor, Lipa cave, Zabrdje.

On his Facebook profile, he wrote that he’s amazed by the way olive oil is produced in Montenegro, beautiful vistas, and described Lipa cave as one of the largest and oldest in Europe.

Are you looking for a boost of adrenaline? Descend deep into Lipa cave where centuries of untold secrets hide! – One of his posts reads.

Corwin shared his thoughts on Lipa cave on Twitter and a video on YouTube.

Lipa cave team was thrilled by his visit. We’ve enjoyed his company and admired his knowledge in the field of biology which was invaluable to us. We’ve been given an opportunity for international promotion which is of great importance to Montenegrin tourism. Montenegro as an ecological country and Mediterranean country holds a recognizable place on the touristic map of the world. All of this, along with the scenery and natural resources adds to the better positioning and the overall image of our country in the world. The greater the impression of our international guests, the better the chances for the success of the tourism industry and its related activities.

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