In these long winter evenings when our doorsteps are our final frontiers parents have a task to find quality amusement for their children at home. Fairy tales, which have always been a special ingredient of childhood, might be the best choice today since they enable children to freely move along the never-ending fields of imagination. Yet even in these endless fields, we may wish for a road sign, and it seems that a film adaptation of a fairy tale might just serve the purpose.

Fairytale-like in its own right, Lipa cave has had the honor to become a part of such an endeavor. Namely, last year we were contacted by the crew of our National Broadcaster (RTCG) with a request to shoot a segment of children’s film of their production in our cave. The film titled The Magic Key was written by Dragana Kršenković Brković and directed by Draško Đurović. According to Mrs. Kršenković Brković, the film deals with the omnipresent matter of seeking eternal life and the issue of what one is capable of doing to make this universal dream come true.

Being that caves have existed for millions of years, which may seem like infinity compared to human life, we found the topic quite appealing, and since children are our favorite visitors, the shooting of this film felt like another good way to spark their interest in Lipa cave.

After having introduced the entire film crew to the rules of conduct that must be followed within the cave as a unique ecosystem, everything was ready for the filming to begin.

The filming in Lipa cave lasted for three days and was done after our last daily tours in the evening until late in the night. The members of our team were present during the shooting as hosts and saw the entire process through with pleasure.

The scenes were shot at several locations in the cave, and what possibly left the strongest impression on us was setting up a throne in the Castle Hall named as such due to its distinctive set of towering stalagmites.

The film premiered on RTCG’s 55th anniversary and was later screened in cinemas and at festivals in Montenegro and the region, so a large number of the young audiences had an opportunity to enjoy it. Apart from the wonderful story and its powerful heroes, through this project, the children in Montenegro could also enjoy the fact that they live in a fairy tale land since the film was shot at some of our most beautiful sites. Along with Lipa cave, the scenes were filmed in Cetinje, Lake Skadar, Biogradska Gora, and vineyards of ‘Plantaže’ company.

We hope that our children will have another opportunity to watch this film during the upcoming holidays and enjoy the fairy tale filmed at their doorstep. We also hope they will grab the first chance to step into this fairy tale by visiting the sites where the film was shot.