It is our great pleasure to inform you that Lipa cave started welcoming its visitors on May 10th.

• Tours: Cave Experience and Adventure Tale

This year there are two types of tours available to our visitors as well. Cave Experience, being the most wanted tour, includes a ride with a redesigned train from our parking lot to the cave and back and walking along the designated path accompanied by our trained guides. The duration of the tour is 60 minutes which is enough time for the visitors to fully enjoy the unique underworld ambiance. There are five scheduled tours every day, starting at 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30 and 16:00 hours respectively. Adventure Tale includes the basic tour and extends to the cave channels outside the beaten trail. Just like before, this tour is booked in advance.

Since the temperature within the cave is constant throughout the year, about 10oC, we recommend the use of light jackets and closed toe footwear.

• Activities organized in line with measures and recommendations issued by authorities

The traditional opening of Lipa cave on April 1st was pushed back even this year due to our compliance with the measures and recommendations issued by the authorities and relevant institutions aimed at preventing COVID-19 pandemic. While the cave was closed for visits from October to May, we were actively developing strategies for introducing diverse content for our visitors. Apart from that, we invested both time and effort in drafting flexible plans so that we could quickly and easily adjust to potential new measures for preventing the spread of the pandemic. Much like last year, the use of masks and keeping recommended distance will be mandatory the whole time, and the sanitizing dispensers have been installed in crucial and most frequented points.

• Upcoming tourist season expectations

The fact that this season Lipa cave will be opened a month earlier than was the case in the previous year is encouraging and optimistic. Bearing in mind general results achieved in tourism, Lipa cave persevered during the last season thanks to reorganization and engagement of all employees in multiple operative functions. Being that the expectations for the upcoming season are higher than for the previous one, we’ll implement a similar organization plan with the engagement of our permanent and experienced team and reinforcement in certain activities.

• Briefly on Lipa cave: formation and development

Lipa cave is a natural monument that holds a part of the cultural and historic heritage of Cetinje. It has been forming and developing over the course of millions of years in silence, darkness, and patience characteristic of caves evidenced in surroundings rich in various cave formations, halls, and channels. Discovered some 200 years ago, it influenced the cultural development of the locals through its constant sources of water. Lipa cave gained historical importance ever since it piqued interest and provoked the engagement of notable Montenegrin rulers, Petar II Petrović Njegoš and King Nikola.

Since opening for tourist visits six years ago, Lipa cave has been recognized and recommended by numerous international tourist platforms. We have been awarded TripAdvisor’s certificate of excellence three years in a row, while in the crisis year of 2020 we were listed as travelers’ choice.

Following in the footprints of our ancestors we revisit the most beautiful and hidden corners of Montenegrin underground over and over. This year Lipa cave eagerly welcomes its visitors who actively contribute to its overall importance.

Lipa cave is located in Lipa Dobrska village, 5 km away from the center of the Old Royal Capital Cetinje. The proximity to Cetinje, the attractive beaches of Budva, and the capital Podgorica make Lipa cave easily accessible and ideally positioned for everyone willing to make a short excursion in nature away from city crowds.
Lipa cave. Like on another planet!