The challenges we have faced in the past few years were trying as well as indicative of how much humankind is dependent on nature. Immunization, lifting restrictive measures, and the adjustment to the new reality have enabled us to return to some personal and professional traditions. With that in mind, it is our pleasure to renew our tradition of opening Lipa cave, one of the top attractions in Montenegro, to visitors on April.

  • Tours: Cave Experience and Adventure Tale

This year our visitors can choose to visit this wonder of nature on one of two tours. Cave Experience, being the most sought after tour, includes a ride with a redesigned train from our parking lot to the cave and back and walking along the designated path accompanied by our trained guides. The duration of the tour is 60 minutes which is enough time for visitors to fully enjoy the unique underworld ambiance of this must visit place in Montenegro. During the months of April and November there are three scheduled tours beginning at 10:00, 12:00 i 14:00 hours; whereas from May to October there are five scheduled tours beginning every day starting at 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30 i 16:00 hours. Adventure Tale includes the basic tour and extends to the cave channels outside the beaten trail. Just like before, this tour is booked in advance.

Lipa cave is located in Lipa Dobrska village, 5 km away from the center of the Old Royal Capital Cetinje one of most visited towns in our country and the home to many Montenegrin top attractions. The proximity to Cetinje, the attractive beaches of Budva, a must visit costal town in Montenegro, and the capital Podgorica make Lipa cave easily accessible and ideally positioned for everyone willing to make a short excursion in nature away from city crowds.

All tours begin from our parking lot, where visitor can buy tickets at the ticket office. For more information on tours and the schedule visit or visit our social media profiles.

  • Additional services: Wine tastings and classical music concerts

In the period behind us, we’ve collaborated closely with our partners, tourist agencies, Montenegrin and regional companies on organizing numerous events. Our clients mostly opt for wine tasting organized within Lipa cave, or a wine tasting accompanied by classical music concerts within one of the cave’s galleries.

These wine tastings are adventures which start with a train ride from our plateau to Lipa cave entrance. Homemade Montenegrin doughnuts with honey welcome us in front of the cave before the tour along the designated paths. At the wine tasting area in the cave, we enjoy sipping fine wines fermented and matured in the history of these lands. The wine served in Lipa cave is chilled at the right temperature and served in the only cave bar in the region.

Aside from the sensation of awe and good atmosphere, spacious galleries reverberate with the sound of classical music amplified by the acoustics found only in the depths of our planet.

For all information on receptions, wine tasting, classical music concert, or team building contact us at and book an event worth remembering.

  • Caffe bar Lipa and the authentic tastes of Lipa Dobrska village

Our parking lot is home to caffe bar Lipa. Besides the standard menu, our mixologist went a step further and came up with an innovative array of different flavors. Whether it’s coffee-based hot drinks, cocktails, homemade linden juice, or a light meal, our caffe bar will add a new dimension to your Lipa cave visit.

  • Briefly on Lipa cave: formation and development

Lipa cave is a natural monument that holds a part of the cultural and historic heritage of Cetinje. It has been forming and developing over the course of millions of years in silence, darkness, and patience characteristic of caves evidenced in surroundings rich in various cave formations, halls, and channels. Discovered some 200 years ago, it influenced the cultural development of the locals through its constant sources of water. Lipa cave gained historical importance ever since it piqued the interest and provoked the engagement of notable Montenegrin rulers, Petar II Petrović Njegoš and King Nikola.

Since opening for tourist visits six years ago, Lipa cave has been recognized and recommended by numerous international tourist platforms. We have been awarded TripAdvisor’s certificate of excellence three years in a row, while in the crisis year of 2020 we were listed as travelers’ choice keeping that position up to date.

Following in the footprints of our ancestors we revisit the most beautiful and hidden corners of Montenegrin underground over and over. This year Lipa cave eagerly welcomes its visitors who actively contribute to its overall importance.

While Lipa cave has been changing patiently over the course of millions of years of underground natural processes, its temperature remains the same, within 10-12°C.