In this period when companies’ work is limited, or completely shut down, we mustn’t forget to plan for the future, adjust our expectations, and remain hopeful that tourism and travel will get back to normal just as they were before the coronavirus outbreak.

Touristic company Lipa cave is slowly preparing for the upcoming season. Our new website is already active, the café on our parking lot is being renovated, and our location has never been easier to find thanks to new informative boards placed along regional motorways.

Not everything has changed, though. As soon as the circumstances allow us, cave tours will begin with the train ride from the parking lot to the cave just like before. Inside the cave, we’ll walk while enjoying our guide’s educational story. The temperature hasn’t changed either, it remains at 10˚C.

We hope you and your families are well, and that coronavirus crisis will soon be over and make touristic travel uninterrupted again. Hopefully, #tareveltomorrow is already tomorrow.

We send our best and hope to see you this season just as busy and healthy as in the previous ones.