Etymology of the name Montenegro

2023-04-07T10:46:45+00:00April 22nd, 2021|

Photo credits: Predrag Vučković The etymology of Montenegro’s name was written about in the works of non-Montenegrin researchers such as Franz Miklošić- a Slavic philologist and linguist, Serbian historians Nićifor Dučić and Ilarion Ruvarac, Josip Gelčić from Kotor, and a French doctor, Gabriel Frilley, who stayed [...]

Sustainable developement towards better future

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Photo credits: Predrag Vučković All living beings on planet Earth spend their lives trying to ensure a better future for themselves and their posterity. Plants and animals do it instinctively, whereas people are guided by their consciousness which is shaped by different circumstances. The advent of [...]

Cetinje – a living monument of Montenegrin history and culture

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Cetinje is a town that has existed for a little over 500 years. From the moment of its founding to this very day, Cetinje has written countless pages of Montenegrin history and given invaluable cultural contribution, which is why it’s a must-see place in Montenegro. Cetinje [...]

13 interesting facts about Montenegro

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This year’s holiday season is somewhat unorthodox/unusual. The global pandemic has limited travel, gatherings, and made New Year’s Eve mass celebration impossible. Accepting changes is often challenging, but at the same time it opens up new possibilities to transform mundane moments into something completely new. Wanting [...]