Lipa cave, being a unique ecosystem just like other caves in Montenegro and in the world, is a natural protected resource, therefore managing such a natural good is both a privilege and a great challenge. In order to valorize a cave for tourist visits, it has to meet certain criteria, and with its major halls and chambers, wealth of cave formations, interesting history, proximity to major tourist centers in Montenegro and approachability, Lipa cave meets them all.

Lipa cave company has existed since 2015 and our business practice has been entirely adapted to the needs of the cave as a unique natural good, its natural surroundings, local and wider community, and last but not the least, to the needs of our visitors. As a part of our development strategy, our company has, in cooperation with other partners, developed international Adriaticaves project which refers to the cooperation between the subjects managing the caves of the Adriatic region. The aim of this project is to research and preserve the caves of the Adriatic region, the preservation and improvement of its natural and social environment, along with further development of cave tourism within the region.

Being that the results we achieved over these merely several years of existence show that we’ve managed to develop sustainable business, in 2019 our company estimated it was the right moment to start educating younger population about the principles of sustainability and the applicability of these principles in tourism and business. We planned the education in the form of a presentation of all our company’s activities, and one of major target groups in this project were students. We primarily contacted the faculties specialized in tourism sector since we have a common field of interest and the students at these faculties are already familiar with the concept of sustainability. We have so far held presentations at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality in Kotor and the Faculty of Business and Tourism in Budva.

In this presentation of Lipa cave and our business activities the students found out about caves and their natural characteristics, their tourist potential and about the significance of international cooperation regarding sustainable management of such a natural treasure, the participation in Adriaticaves project in our case. They were also introduced to our company’s offer, the manner in which valorization process was finalized, and to the internal structure of our organization with an emphases on the cave guide job.

Presentations were held in a positive atmosphere and were rounded up with a lot of feedback. Students enquired about cave guide job and the staff of the faculties showed an initiative toward organizing practice for their students at Lipa cave. In this manner the presentations served the purpose of building the grounds for future cooperation with faculties and students in Montenegro.

We would like to thank the faculties that welcomed us and we are looking forward to new meetings and joint projects. We also hope that this form of cooperation will be established with other faculties as well.

On our website you can find out more about our projects or learn about must see places in our country.