Welcome to our blog page once again. :) In this blog, we’ll list 5 reasons to visit caffe bar Lipa located at the Lipa cave parking. In addition to coffee our caffe offers various other refreshments.

A dash of the Mediterranean in Cetinje: Caffe bar Lipa offers a uniquely peaceful atmosphere where people can come with their family and friends to sip coffee or enjoy some other beverage.

Wake up coffee: Coffee’s been around for hundreds of years. It originated in Arabia, and today it’s grown all over the world and comes in various forms. Much like the food and drinks sectors, coffee has gone through a renaissance guided by quality. Now more than ever, consumers decide against a quick and easy cup of coffee and opt for great flavors and unique ideas that fit in a cup.

Hosts up to the task: Kind personnel makes you feel at home. Lipa cave and caffe bar Lipa are a must-see destination for both locals and foreign visitors on their tour of Montenegro precisely because of our reputation of professional service in which every visitor is provided with a valuable experience.

Socializing while seizing the moment: Our caffe bar is an ideal place for informal meetings and discussions, business meetings, and casual socializing. Today’s fast pace leaves us little time to relax and enjoy. When you decide on such moments, spend them in a new and pleasant environment.

Sweet and salty bites: We have also hand picked every little flower for our homemade Lipa iced tea do not miss out on it. To your preference you can also choose from some seasonal fruit or chocolate cake, the most interesting is our salty snack – Lipa meza. All you need to do is order and enjoy.

Caffe bar Lipa also takes into account the day and age we’re in, where most of our communication takes place online, and the growing desire among people to create more personal moments in their lives. Caffe bar Lipa offers a perfect place for gatherings thanks to its unique atmosphere and location within the local community. For all of those who enjoy online content with their cup of coffee, free Wi-Fi is always available.

For more information on our caffe bar, read our blog on the following link. If you’re thinking about visiting Lipa cave, you can get more information on tours and prices here.